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We are a leading distributor of wholesale electrical products and accessories. We supply ready goods, make customized electrical products and patent them. Our company has been in the market for 60 years. With our efficient after-sales service, end-consumers trust us and feel secure when buying our products.

Internet shopping sites such as Amazon, Lazada, Taobao, Alibaba, Qoo10, have changed the way customers demand and buy products today. Though they offer lower-priced products from various countries, they do not cater to internet-savvy, quality conscious customers who like to check out and shop from various internet sites.

We build products that are not easily found in the market. We also have the capability to build products from scratch that are tough to copy. Singapore is internationally known as the last word in quality and safety. As such, Singapore Safety Mark is applied for all our required products.

All our products are competitively priced, keeping in mind production costs, standards of quality, and your budget. We adhere to international standards of safety. Our manufacturing units have fully equipped in-house testing facilities. We send products for safety testings to international certified laboratories, including Intertek and TUV, to ensure you get the best.

We distribute a wide range of products such as cables, hubs and adaptors (HDMI, type C, USB), USB chargers, home and travel security alarms, and so much more.

We closely monitor the entire process of manufacturing from ideating to 3D prototype printing and finally, production.

Our business is centred around a single factor: the end user. We make the process of manufacturing and supply a seamless one. All our products come with a warranty and an assurance of complete access to after-sales servicing. Moreover, we are always available for any queries online. We believe that your feedback helps us grow.

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