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Our Products

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Our product portfolio is a result of years of experience and research into the field of wholesale electrical product manufacturing. Through each product, we aim to strike a balance between the highest levels of industry standards and the client’s business requirements.

From custom made electronic goods to competitive wholesale pricing and after sales services, we bring you a whole range of competitive advantages. With equal emphasis on safety and quality, Sensly indeed makes products for a better tomorrow.

  • Alpha - Cable Series
    We supply a top-notch range of cables, hubs and adaptors for all kinds of devices from laptops to cellphones, computers, and television sets. We have incorporated futuristic technology features and look and feel by designing slim and trendy cables, hubs and adaptors for all your home or office needs.
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  • Bravo - Charger Series
    We understand your need to keep your devices charged and be connected on the go. We produce USB chargers with higher amperage and up to 6 ports with the capacity to support up to 6 iPhones or 5 iPads simultaneously.
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  • Catia - Alarm Series
    We offer you complete peace of mind, whether at home or while travelling with our range of travel security alarms. We provide high-quality security alarms designed for hotel, office or personal use.
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  • Della - Adaptor Series
    We design adaptors by transforming the basic into innovative for your better travel convenience usage. Instead of just providing you with the basic operation, essential functionalities are further created into it to surprise you.
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