We are Innovative.

Innovation is key to our business. We encourage new
ideas, creativity and share the learnings.
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We are Unique.

By choosing Sensly, you choose Quality,
Innovation, and Exclusivity.
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User-Centric Design.

Our products are designed for safe and comfortable use. We listen to your feedback and make tomorrow’s products today!

Competitive Pricing.

We create world-class products with cutting-edge technology yet offer prudent pricing for a win-win business situation.

Global Footprint.

Our client base spans across the globe including Sri Lanka, UAE, Cyprus, India, and many Asian and African countries.

About Us

We are a leading distributor of wholesale electrical products and accessories. We supply ready goods, make customized electrical
products and even patent them. Our company has been in the market for 60 years. With our efficient after-sales service, end-consumers
trust us and feel secure when buying our products.
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Series of Products